The Antichrist by St. Hippolytus

The Antichrist

By St. Hippolytus

St. Hippolytus was a disciple of St. Irenaeus, who was a disciple of St. Polycarp, who was a disciple of St. John

He wrote an extensive tract on the Antichrist which provides a great amount of detail.  This provides great reading and is a great resource as to what this holy Father of the Church learned and taught in regards to this subject. As he was very close to the time period of St. John, this is an excellent resource that is gained from holy Scriptures and first hand testimony.


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The Incredible Life and Prophecies of St. Hildegard


One of the most controversial prophets of the Church is St. Hildegard, so I have resolved to first look into her life story and the approval of the Church on her visions and life.  It is interesting to note that her visions created great music, medical cures used today, and new understandings of theology.  She advised Kings, Monarchs, Bishops and even Popes.

Born at Bockelheim on the Nahe. The family name is unknown of this great seeress and prophetess, called the Sibyl of the Rhine. The life of Hildegard as a child, religious, and superioress was an extraordinary one. Left much to herself on account of her ill health, she led an interior life trying to make use of everything for her own satisfaction. From her early years she was favoured with visions.

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