The Antichrist by the Saints

Prophesies of the Antichrist

By Early Church Fathers


The following are some prophesies made by the Early Church Fathers, and whose prophesies are the most trusted. There are so many mistakes made today regarding the coming of Christ and the coming of the Antichrist that I simply offer the truth as offered by the early Church Fathers.  So many false prophets have made the mistake of thinking that the seat of the Antichrist will be Rome or that the Church will become the seat of the Antichrist or that some future Holy Father will be the Antichrist and all of this is false.  The Jews must return and live in the Holy Land so that they can prepare the way for the Antichrist, for he and he alone will rebuild the old Temple of David and this will be his seat and not Rome.

So, here is what the saints of the Holy Catholic Church say in regards to the coming Antichrist…

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The Antichrist by St. Hippolytus

The Antichrist

By St. Hippolytus

St. Hippolytus was a disciple of St. Irenaeus, who was a disciple of St. Polycarp, who was a disciple of St. John

He wrote an extensive tract on the Antichrist which provides a great amount of detail.  This provides great reading and is a great resource as to what this holy Father of the Church learned and taught in regards to this subject. As he was very close to the time period of St. John, this is an excellent resource that is gained from holy Scriptures and first hand testimony.


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