Prophecies Concerning the Great Catholic Monarch to Come

St. Louis of France (King Louis IX)

I believe that we are at the end of an age.  That soon will appear a Great Catholic Monarch.  I don’t believe that we are at the End of the World but that a particular age is coming to a closure.

At the close of this age, a Great Catholic is prophesied to come.  The following are prophecies from Catholic saints and mystics concerning this Great Monarch.

Hyppolitus (235 AD)

”The Great French Monarch, who shall subject all the East, shall come around the end of the world …. ”

St. Methodius (385 AD)

“A time will come when the enemies of Christ will boast: ‘We have subjected the earth and all its inhabitants, and the Christians cannot escape our hands: Then a Roman Emperor will rise in great fury against them, drawing his sword, he will fall upon the foes of Christianity and crush them. Then peace and quiet will reign on earth, and the priests will he relieved of all their anxieties.”

St. Cataldus of Tatentino (500 AD)

”The Great Monarch will be in war till he is forty years of age; a King of the House of Lily, Continue reading